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Access to reliable energy is one of the most urgent global development challenges: energy serves as a keystone to improvements in health, education, clean drinking water, safety, and economic livelihoods, among other goods and services alleviating poverty. 2013 marks the fourth year of Miller Center’s focus on the energy sector. We help social enterprises scale technology-based solutions to serve the 1.3 billion people who are not connected to an electrical grid. Through our work, Miller Center develops issue expertise along with a network of successful enterprises and international collaborators that enable us to vastly expand impact in addressing energy poverty. As part of the Applied Materials Collaborative on Clean Energy for the Underserved, we are using this website to share our learnings.

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The Energy Map was developed and launched in 2011 in partnership with Ayllu, a social enterprise dedicated to aggregating market solutions to poverty.

Ayllu collects data from BOP social enterprises worldwide, analyzes it, and distributes it via iuMAP and advisory services for social enterprises and their funders. We create transparency that drives better decision-making that lowers business costs and increases capital flows.

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Our announced commitment with [Miller Center] is part of our continued effort to help social entrepreneurs improve their ability to scale (grow) their business and create significantly more impact. It is a nice fit with this year’s CGI theme of “Designing for Impact” since our commitment enables Miller Center to provide business model and organizational capacity training, as well as expert mentoring, to 18 social entrepreneurs in India and China over the next three years.
Mark Walker, Applied Materials