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A waterproof, shockproof solar LED for the bottom of the pyramid



Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Established:  2004
Impact Areas: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Rwanda, Philippines
Type:  For-Profit
Energy Sectors:
Business Model Types:
Staff Size:  2
Annual Budget: N/A
Major Funders:  Khosla Ventures
Awards N/A


Cosmos Ignite is a joint venture between an Indian distribution company, Cosmos Energy, and an American product design firm, Ignite Innovations, Inc. Cosmos Ignite has designed a small-scale solar powered lamp, the MightyLight, targeted at poor customers without access to reliable electricity.


Energy Products/Services

  • Mightylight Solar lantern
  • Solar Home Systems
  • Street Lights

Target Market

  • 400 million people in remote India who use kerosene lamps as their primary source of lighting


Cosmos Ignite Innovations

Revenue Streams

  • Sale of Mightylights

Value Proposition

  • Cosmos Ignite was started by a Stanford MBA student who wanted to develop a light for the developing world and partnered with an Indian distribution company to create the MightyLight, a small-scale affordable replacement for kerosene lamps.
  • The MightyLight is durable and modular, with a separable light and solar panel.
  • Cosmos Ignite initially focused on sales to charity and aid groups, but has since moved to a more commercial model for larger scale.
  • Thus far Cosmos Ignite has sold 150,000 lights in 18 countries.

Problem Addressed

  • Lack of alternatives to kerosene lamps for off-grid lighting

Mighty Light


  • Single 1W power LED, rechargeable battery inside, charged by a 2.5W solar panel
  • Light can be bought separate from the solar panel for customers, and is waterproof, shockproof, and durable.
  • 3 settings- super-bright, normal, and all-night
  • High-Tech Microprocessor Controller

How It’s Used:

The MightyLight is used by customers off-grid or with unreliable power for studying, working, and other household and village tasks.

Product Type:

Self-Sufficient Portable

Technical Data

Lumens/Watt:  50
Average Lamp Power and type: 1W WLED
Battery Capacity and type: 2300mAh NiMH
Hours Runtime/Charge:  10
Charging Hours from Flat:  8
Lumens:  50
Lumen-hours/year@4hr/day:  73,000
Service Delivered ($):  5,840
Kerosene Service Delivered ($):  872

Cost Data

Number of Households Served  1
Upfront Cost
Estimated Retail Price:  $55
Recurring Costs
 Replaceable Products Life(years) Replacement Costs
Battery  2  $3.00
5-year Replacement Costs  $7.50
5-year Ownership Cost  $62.50

Other PRoducts

  • Solar Home Lighting Systems
  • Streetlights

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Contact Information

Vill. Mohamadpur,
PO Kherki Daula,
Gurgaon – 122004,
Haryana, India

( +91-11-2642 5722 / 4651 5758