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Introducing improved cookstoves for underserved Ghanaians



Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA
Established: 1970
Impact Areas: Ghana
Type: Nonprofit
Energy Sectors:
Business Model Types:
Staff Size: EWV-RI 2,000 worldwide
Annual Budget: N/A
Major Funders: USAID, Shell Foundation
Awards: 2006: Santa Clara Global Social Benefit Incubator
2007: Shell Foundation’s Commercialization Award for Ghana Cookstoves


EnterpriseWorks/VITA, a division of Relief International (EWV-RI), sells improved cooking stoves that are manufactured in Ghana and sold through local retailers. Income is generated for manufacturers and distributors; the improved cookstoves allow households to be more efficient in the cooking process, household earning are better utilized, indoor and outdoor pollution is reduced and charcoal consumption is significantly reduced.


Energy Products/Services

  • Gyapa improved cookstove

Target Market

  • Urban, peri-urban and rural users of traditional cookstoves in Ghana


EnterpriseWorkA/VITA Ghana

Revenue Streams

Value Proposition

  • EWV-RI utilizes sustainable, enterprise-oriented solutions to combat poverty’s systemic impacts to economic viability of communities and the natural environment.
  • The Gyapa™ fuel efficient stove reduces the need for charcoal by 50-60%, reducing household expenditures and charcoal usage.
  • EWV’s ceramic-lined metal stove developed for consumer conditions in West Africa is approximately 40% more efficient than the traditional stoves commonly used in West Africa.
  • In 2010, the average household saved approximately $85 per year of fuel expenses, or about $8.5 million based on past sales averages of 100,000 stoves.

Problem Addressed

  • Households in low-income countries can spend up to 50% of household income on cooking fuel
  • 65% of urban households in Ghana use coal pot stoves which are not only inefficient and drive household  expenditure on fuel, but cause air pollution, harmful indoor air pollution and high rates of deforestation.

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