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We want to replace kerosene for lighting with solar lamps to improve the lives of rural Haitians.

Headquarters Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Established 2009
Impact Areas Haiti
Type For-profit
Energy Sectors
Business Model Types
Staff Size 10
Annual Budget $640,000
Major Funders SAFICO
Awards None yet.
Micama Soley Logo


MicamaSoley is an enterprise based in Haiti that distributes solar lighting, water filters, and improved cookstoves from trusted manufacturers and other energy enterprises. It was launched in 2009 as the “social” division of SAFICO, a well-established Haitian manufacturing company.  They work together with existing networks; Fonkoze credit customers, CARE Village Savings & Loan Associations, etc. to develop distribution models that work. They train microentrepreneurs to distribute their product, supplying them on a regular basis. After sales service is very important to MicamaSoley; they will exchange any non-functioning product within the warranty period.  

Energy Products/Services

  • MicamaSoley sells portable solar lights and chargers including products from d.light design, Barefoot Power, and OmniVoltaic.
  • They also sell the Tulip portable water filters, sourced from Basic Water Needs.
  • MicamaSoley also distributes some improved charcoal stoves.

Target Market

  • MicamaSoley principally targets rural Haitians who don’t have access to grid power and rely on kerosene and biomass for lighting.


Revenue Streams

  • MicamaSoley’s parent company, SAFICO, provides the necessary funding for operation.
  • MicamaSoley generated around $600,000 USD sales revenue last year.
  • MicamaSoley has yet to break even.

Value Proposition

  • 70% of Haitians have no access to the grid and use kerosene for lighting. New solar products provide better light, no risks of fire or respiratory problems and can pay for themselves in 3 to 4 months.

Problem Addressed

  • An estimated 7 million Haitians are without electricity, forcing them to rely on unsustainable, inefficient, and potentially dangerous sources of power and lighting.
  • MicamaSoley addresses the use of kerosene for lighting and lack of access to a reliable source of electricity in Haiti.
  • Switching to solar lighting helps families both save money and eliminates the health risks associated with using kerosene and biomass for indoor lighting.

Where They Are Now

Impact to Date

  • 110,000 solar lights sold to date.
  • 70% of these products have been sold at full market price to consumers through resellers partnered with MicamaSoley.


  • 2009: MicamaSoley established by SAFICO.
  • January 2014: 100,000 lamps sold in Haiti.
  • Around 110,000 lamps sold to date, impacting the lives of over 500,000 Haitians.

Growth Plan

  • MicamaSoley is developing a new model with Fonkoze, a microfinance institution and hope to offer the opportunity to purchase solar lamps, either for themselves or for resale, to all of their 60,000 credit customers over the next 12 months.
  • This new approach should result in thousands of new resellers.

How They Deliver

Product Sourcing

  • Products are sourced from Lighting Global approved products.
  • Micama Soley buys from d.light design, Barefoot Power and OmniVoltaic.


  • MicamaSoley works with NGOs and local MFIs to recruit resellers to distribute the product. They provide training and support to microfranchisers.
  • Outside of Port-au-Prince, MicamaSoley distributes exclusively through resellers.


  • The products sourced by MicamaSoley are specifically designed to be affordable and durable.
  • Products can pay for themselves in three to four months by offsetting the cost of kerosene purchases.


  • Most of the investment in MicamaSoley comes from SAFICO, the parent company
  • MicamaSoley has also received indirect help from Global Partnerships, a Seattle-based impact investor, through Fonkoze.  Fonkoze is a microfinance institution based in Haiti that is partnered with MicamaSoley.


  • MicamaSoley is developing a new model that should give them thousands of new resellers.
  • They seek to use this model to reach a tipping point where solar lighting becomes the default choice in Haiti.


  • MicamaSoley is focused on reaching as many people as possible.
  • The simple addition of a solar lighting to a household in Haiti improves income and quality of life while simultaneously reducing the health risks and time wasted collecting fuelwood or purchasing kerosene.  It also combats Haiti’s rampant deforestation problem by reducing fuelwood consumption.
  • More than 110,000 lamps have been sold to date, improving the lives of more than 500,000 Haitians.


  • MicamaSoley has solar lamps providing light only as well as other lamps providing light and phone charging. All of them use long lasting lithium batteries and the latest in LED lighting technology. There are several different price points reflecting different characteristics. All products have a minimum 12 month guarantee and some go as high as 24 months. 

Firefly Mobile

Firefly Mobile Gen 2.5 [MicamaSoley]

d.light S250

s250withphone [MicamaSoley]

More Resources

Online Resources



  • MicamaSoley website



Contact Information

Diquini 63 (en face de l’Université Adventiste)
Carrefour, Port-au-Prince

Téléphone: +509-3421-7895

Mobile: +509-3993-7962

Toll-free # (gratis):  *977

Email: micama.soley@gmail.com