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Check out profiles of clean tech social enterprises delivering solutions to the base of the pyramid.

EnterpriseDescriptionImpact AreaPower SourcePower Uses
Act-If ElectropowerAct/If sells solar powered and energy efficiency products, the two primary ones being solar powered streetlights and solar generators for tortilla makers.Latin America/CaribbeanSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Powering Engines and Generators
Alternative Energy Development CorporationAEDC sells low-cost rechargeable zinc-air fuel cells and accompanying energy products to non-grid communities in South African townships and other remote users.AfricaOther (Fuel Cells)Off-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Africa BiofuelAfrica Biofuel is working to develop the market for a new biodiesel feedstock for Africa, the Croton nut.AfricaBiomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Powering Engines and Generators
Angaza DesignAngaza has created a solar home energy system tailored to meet the needs of off-grid families and small businesses in the developing world. This system addresses a variety of energy needs with higher performance than solar lanterns, and is much more affordable than traditional solar home systems.AfricaSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
AVANIAVANI is a non-profit community development organization which has developed innovative models for distributing solar lanterns and panels in villagesIndiaSolar Power, Biomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
Barefoot PowerBarefoot Power develops and sells affordable high-quality solar products to off-grid households around the world.WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Border Green Energy Team (BGET)BGET is using a utility model to rent customers the equipment they need to make use of their installed solar panels. They are also offering other solutions commensurate with villagers’ financial means, ranging from personal-use lanterns and mobile chargers up to state-of-the- art home systems. BGET’s new home system is financed over three years, with maintenance service included.Asia/South PacificSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
blueEnergyblueEnergy brings affordable, sustainable electrification, water, and sanitation to marginalized communities in rural Nicaragua, and promotes wind and other renewable energy technologies across Nicaragua and worldwide.Latin America/CaribbeanSolar Power, Other (Wind)Off-Grid Lighting and Electricity
CCF BushblokCCF Bushblok is a for-profit subsidiary of the Cheetah Conservation Fund that processes invasive brushwood from cheetah habitats into fuelwood logs.AfricaBiomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Coho SolarCoho Solar, a spin-out of Haddock Invention LLC, harnesses the existing and widespread use of disposable batteries for energy, but replaces them with clean products: our solar battery recharger for small shops (to displace existing disposable batteries), our all-in-one home charger, and our high quality, $5 light & mobile charger.

WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Solar Sister
Combining the breakthrough potential of solar technology with an Avon-style direct sales network, Solar Sister brings light, hope, and opportunity to even the most remote communities of rural Africa.AfricaSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Cosmos Ignite InnovationsCosmos Ignite is a joint venture between an Indian distribution company, Cosmos Energy, and an American product design firm, Ignite Innovations, Inc. Cosmos Ignite has designed a small-scale solar powered lamp, the MightyLight, targeted at poor customers without access to reliable electricity.WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
CTx GreEnCTx GreEn helps villages build the capacity to convert locally available under-utilized and un-utilized oil seeds into biodiesel and value-added services to increase productivity and improve the local economy.

IndiaBiomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Powering Engines and Generators, Powering Specialized Products and Services
d.light designd.light design develops quality, affordable, solar-powered lanterns for families with no access to reliable electricity

WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Desi Power
DESI Power installs biomass power plants in villages while at the same time helping villagers develop businesses to turn generated power into value addition and boosted income.IndiaBiomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Earthspark International
EarthSpark seeks to drive sustainable economic development by providing access to better quality energy services.Latin America/CaribbeanSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
ECCA/Future Now
ECCA introduced the Solar Tuki, the first inexpensive solar lantern available in Nepal, and played a large role in the overall introduction of solar lanterns in Nepal.Asia/South PacificSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Eco-Fuel AfricaEco-Fuel Africa eliminates energy poverty, creates local jobs, and saves forests in Africa by converting waste into clean cooking fuel and fertilizer.AfricaBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Eco Energy Finance
EcoEnergy Finance distributes solar lanterns and solar home systems to people living in rural Pakistan who currently pay between $3-$10 a month for kerosene or batteries.Asia/South PacificSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Emerging Cooking SolutionsEmerging Cooking Solutions is an enterprise that sells clean-burning cookstoves and sustainable fuel pellets to displace the usage of charcoal for cooking in Zambia.ZambiaBiomassCleaner Cooking
Energy in Common
Energy in Common is a crowdfunding platform allowing online lenders to provide project-specific financing for green energy through microfinance institutions.AfricaSolar Power, Biomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
EnterpriseWorks / VITAEnterpriseWorks/VITA, a division of Relief International (EWV-RI), sells improved cooking stoves that are manufactured in Ghana and sold through local retailers. Income is generated for manufacturers and distributors; the improved cookstoves allow households to be more efficient in the cooking process, household earning are better utilized, indoor and outdoor pollution is reduced and charcoal consumption is significantly reduced.AfricaBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Envirofit International
Envirofit designs low-cost energy-efficient cookstoves which reduce fuel consumption, air pollution and health hazards for users. They sell through partner organizations in India and around the world.

WorldwideBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Estufa Doña DoraEstufa Doña Dora is an enterprise based in Guatemala that sells improved cookstoves to Guatemalan families who rely heavily on firewood.GuatemalaBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
East Wind Laboratories
EWL sells inverter/battery backup power solutions to ensure continuous, reliable power for individual households, offices, and institutions such as hospitals.AfricaOther (Inverter/Battery)Off-Grid Lighting and Electricity
FREED conceives, designs, and implements projects transforming wastelands into jatropha plantations that produce biofuel that replaces imported fossil fuels and qualifies for carbon credits.

IndiaBiomass PowerPowering Engines and Generators
GNEEDER/Cows to Kilowatts
GNEEDER/Cows to Kilowatts has developed a biogas digester reactor that turns slaughterhouse waste into cooking fuel or electricity for sale to the power grid.AfricaBiomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
Grameen Shakti
Grameen Shakti, the energy arm of the Grameen family of organizations, provides a range of affordable decentralized clean energy products to customers across BangladeshAsia/South PacificSolar Power, Biomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
Husk Power Systems
HPS owns and operates 100% biomass based, de-centralized mini power plants and wires entire village to provide electricity to households and small businesses.IndiaBiomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
IDEAAS/The Sun Shines for All
IDEAAS develops solutions for making power available to off-grid and communities in Brazil and beyond.Latin America/CaribbeanSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
International Development Enterprises India
IDEI is a non-profit product development firm, which fills the gap of less-profit-focused R+D to design energy-saving water-focused products based on farmer need.IndiaOther (Human Power)Powering Specialized Products and Services
Ilumexico promotes development in rural areas through solar powered electricity systems. The enterprise creates last mile distribution models to deliver affordable technologies and services and provide tools for income generation, community engagement and poverty alleviation. Latin America/CaribbeanSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
International Research and Development, Africa Ltd.International Research and Development Africa, Ltd. is implementing a hybrid sweet stalk sorghum-based biofuel system to displace the usage of biomass and fossil fuels, save families money, and reduce the incidence of illnesses that are caused by indoor air pollution.KenyaBiomassCleaner Cooking
Kamworks is a solar energy company aimed at making innovative products for off-grid populations in Cambodia and beyond. Kamworks has developed an award-winning solar light, the MoonLight, as well as several other products. By setting up assembly in country, Kamworks aims at technology transfer and better service.

Asia/South PacificSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Lifeline Energy
Lifeline Energy is a not-for-profit that develops solar and crank powered radios, MP3s, lights, and solar panels and distributes them worldwide through partner NGOs. It owns a for-profit humanitarian-sector-focused new product development and trading arm, Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd.AfricaSolar Power, Other (Human Power)Powering Specialized Products and Services
Light Up The World
Light Up The World designs and implements rural electrification projects around the world, with a focus on ensuring the long-term sustainability of installations.WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Limyè Pa wLimyè Pa w is an energy enterprise that operates in rural Haiti. They provide electricity to previously off-grid rural communities using renewable energy power sources.HaitiBiomassOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Community Level Power Products
Lumeter Networks Inc.Lumeter Networks creates low-cost pre-paid electricity meters and a cloud based accounting platform that is sold to renewable energy providers to help them extend their reach to low-income communities in the developing world.WorldwideOtherOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
MicamaSoleyMicamaSoley is an enterprise based in Haiti that distributes solar lighting, water filters, and improved cookstoves from trusted manufacturers and other energy enterprises.HaitiSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
Mobah Rural Horizons
Mobah Rural Horizons designed a food storage device made up of two earthenware pots which utilize the principles of evaporation to create electricity-free refrigeration.AfricaOtherPowering Specialized Products and Services
Nishant Bioenergy Pvt. Limited
Nishant Bioenergy produces carbon-neutral biomass briquette stoves as a cheaper, greener replacement for LPG stoves in university kitchens and roadside canteens.IndiaBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Nokero (short for No Kerosene) develops safe, affordable, environmentally-friendly solar based technologies that eliminate the need for harmful and polluting fuels used around the world.WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Nuru Energy
Nuru Energy has developed a rechargeable light and pedal charger. Microentrepreneur shopkeepers buy a charger and set of lights which are sold to shop customers, who then pay to have the lights recharged with the generator.AfricaOther (Human Power)Off-Grid Lighting and Electricity
One Earth DesignsOne Earth Designs manufactures and distributes easy to use solar cookstoves in both the developing and industrialized world.China, USASolar PowerCleaner Cooking
ONergy is a renewable energy venture providing lighting, cooking and electrification solutions to rural India. ONergy is building a unique full service rural distribution infrastructure for clean technologies.IndiaSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Potential Energy
Potential Energy (formerly The Darfur Stoves Project) is a nonprofit organization bringing life-improving technologies to people in developing nations.AfricaBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Practical Action Peru
Practical Action Peru installs off-grid power faciltiies in villages in rural Peru. 90% of their work is in hydro, though they also work in wind, solar, and biomass.WorldwideOther (Hydro)Off-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Prakti Design
Prakti develops products for the basic energy needs of the bottom of the pyramid, and specializes in improved cooking stoves and fuels.WorldwideBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Promethean Power Systems
Promethean Power Systems has developed a rapid-cooling milk chiller sold to dairy processors in India.IndiaEfficient Use of Fossil FuelsPowering Specialized Products and Services
re:char produces a low-cost soil amendment called biochar via village-scale kilns employing local labor.AfricaBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
SELCO links sustainable energy to poverty alleviation by providing quality customized solar home lighting systems to poor customers, partnering with banks to provide financing for increased affordability.IndiaSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Shidhulai Affordable Technologies
Shidhulai brings free educational resources and low-cost rechargeable lanterns to rural off-grid communities using solar powered boats.Asia/South PacificSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Powering Specialized Products and Services
Sistema BiobolsaSistema Biobolsa is an enterprise based in Mexico that manufactures and sells high-quality biodigester systems for the recycling of human and animal waste into biogas and organic fertilizer.Mexico, Central America, CaribbeanBiomassPowering Engines and Generators, Cleaner Cooking
SKG Sangha
SKG Sangha designs and implements large-scale household level biogas digester projects providing entire rural villages with digesters for cooking fuel and vermicompost fertilizer.WorldwideBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Smart Oil, LTD
Smart Oil is creating thousands of jobs in rural West Africa by producing a cheaper substitute for diesel fuel derived from jatropha plantations.AfricaBiomass PowerPowering Engines and Generators
SMEFUNDSSMEFUNDS is an NGO that manages multiple business and non-profit initiatives, notably Green Energy & Biofiels and KIKE Green Cook.Nigeria and West AfricaBiomassCleaner Cooking
Solanterns is committed to replacing 1 million kerosene lanterns with solar lanterns - a safer, less expensive, healthier and environmental friendly solution.AfricaSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd.
Sunlabob is a Lao private energy services company offering a range of energy products and services and pioneering a franchised approach to rural electrification.WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Center for Rice Husk Energy TechnologyThe Center for Rice Husk Technology (CRHET) develops rice husk gas stove technology and disseminates the information free of charge, including technology handbooks and fabrication manuals.Asia/South PacificBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)
The Solar Electric Light Fund is a Washington, DC based nonprofit whose mission is to implement solar energy solutions in developing countries to assist rural communities with economic, education, health and agricultural development.WorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid LIghting and Electricity
Thermogenn provides coolers to rural and peri-urban smallholder dairy farmers with no access to grid electricity so they can preserve and sell their evening milk the following day, as opposed to wasting it or converting it to low-value products like ghee.AfricaOtherPowering Specialized Products and Services
THRIVE Energy Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and promotes low-cost solar powered LED-based lighting systems to replace kerosene lamps. The Lighting Systems are primarily distributed through partner NGOs who implement a rent-to-own system designed by THRIVE Energy TechnologiesWorldwideSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricty
ToughStuff developed a modular set of products that address three main electricity needs of off-grid consumers – lighting, information, and connectivity – using a lightweight, robust, portable photo-voltaic solar system designed for personal use.AfricaSolar PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity
Trees, Water, People
Trees, Water & People has designed a cookstove for the charcoal dependent population of Haiti, that reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%. The design is similar to a popular improved cookstove in the local market, but makes use of insulation, properly-sized flue gaps and a smaller fuel bowl to deliver cooking heat more effectively.WorldwideBiomass PowerCleaner Cooking
VANREPA / Green Power
VANREPA is a non-profit delivering energy solutions to rural Vanuatu. Green Power is its for-profit trading arm, which imports and sells solar lights and efficient cookstoves.Asia/South PacificSolar Power, Biomass PowerOff-Grid Lighting and Electricity, Cleaner Cooking
VidaGas is a reliable distributor of affordable propane to commercial buyers in Northern MozambiqueAfricaOther (Propane)Cleaner Cooking
Village Tech Solutions
Village Tech Solutions provides subsidized research and development on products which fill the needs of underserved populations. Their products thus far have been a human-powered river-bridge, a solar home system, and an upcoming electric arsenic remover for water.Asia/South PacificSolar Power, Other (Human Power)Off-Grid Lighting and Elecricity, Powering Specialized Products and Services
WE CARE Solar provides solar electric kits for medical lighting and communication that are reliable, robust, and low-cost, enabling timely and appropriate emergency care in maternal health facilities and settings without reliable electricity.WorldwideSolar PowerPowering Specialized Products and Services
Wana Energy SolutionsWana Energy Solutions provides clean, affordable LPG-powered cookstoves and appliances to customers at the base of the pyramid in Uganda.UgandaOther (LPG)Cleaner Cooking
Wisdom StovesWisdom Stoves is a Vermont-based nonprofit that distributes wood gasification cookstoves in Kenya.KenyaBiomassCleaner Cooking
Zolair EnergyZolair provides wireless energy activation for basic energy 24/7, from anywhere, any time, for anyone. Its patented, portable, renewable primary battery offers on-demand electricity to off-grid customers with a wireless activation and payment system.Southern AfricaOther (Fuel Cells)Off-Grid Lighting and Electricity