Husk Power Systems

HPS owns and operates 100% biomass based, de-centralized mini power plants and wires entire village to provide electricity to households and small businesses.

Value Proposition

  • HPS provides easy maintenance and management processes for power plants so that even a high-school educated person, with 3-months of HPS training, can run and maintain mini-power plants.
  • HPS is the global leader in providing the lowest installation cost for sub-1MW biomass power plants. Landed cost is less than US $1,000 per KW.
  • HPS receives revenue from four sources: Electricity Sales, Rice Husk Char monetization, Carbon credits and Channeling products from Corporate partners (electrical appliance manufacturers and Fast Moving Consumer Products) to end consumers

Problem Addressed

  • Rural electrification in India is in an acute crisis as a total of 125,000 Indian villages are presently un-electrified leaving over 480 million citizens (45% of the population) without access to reliable power, even though they spend $4.86 billion on their energy needs.
  • The Indian government has designated 18,000 of these villages as economically impossible to reach via conventional means.
  • Without electricity, these villagers are forced to use kerosene lanterns and diesel generators which are costly, polluting, unhealthy and dangerous. This lack of reliable power leaves them without the communication, education, and healthcare infrastructure required in modern life.
  • For example, villagers have to go to a nearby town just to recharge their cell phone battery at a cost of $0.11/recharge.
  • This impedes both economic and social development and undermines the viability of India’s long-term growth.