Lowara products are used in water supply, sewage and fire fighting. Lowara pumps have gained popularity due to their high quality and reliability, as well as an affordable price. In addition, production growth helps the fact that Lowara pumps do not pose a risk to the environment. These pumps are used for both industrial and domestic purposes.

Lowara centrifugal pumps are effectively used in working with liquids, as well as during aeration of fields. IDR Company sells Lowara pumps, the operation of which helps to make more technological, both daily life and production.

Lowara vertical multistage pumps are used for those purposes when a constant flow of water is needed. Such devices can be connected to pipelines. A robust housing made of steel is a guarantee for the smooth running of Lowara pumps.

The submersible fecal pumps Lowara are intended for operation in the sewerage and flooded rooms, for example, cellars. Produced from steel and resistant to corrosion, they are reliably protected from the negative effects of the environment. Pump operation is governed by a float mechanism that turns off the device when the need arises.

Lowara borehole pumps have high efficiency and in addition to summer cottages, provide water production processes. The pump is reliably protected from damage due to float mechanism.