Flygt founded in 1901. Company creating professional pumping equipment. Flugt pumps (slurry, dewatering, sludge) are widely known for their reliability and high efficiency.

The main profile of the company Flygt is the production of dewatering equipment designed for mixing and pumping various liquids. Flygt is the manufacturer of the best submersible pumps for CNS and aeration stations.

The main distinguishing feature of Flygt wastewater pumps from competing companies is high efficiency. Flygt specialists apply new innovative energy-efficient technologies, which reduces power consumption by 15%. The use of the latest technological solutions in the design of pumps for SPS with the aim of increasing the efficiency of their work.

Flygt engineers have developed a hydraulic part of pumps with a special structure of the flow part, which greatly facilitates the conspirators and winding on the impeller of various kinds of fibrous products. Flygt submersible pumps are capable of pumping fluids with a high content of fibrous material, while still providing consistently high pumping efficiency over a long period of operation.
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