Ilumexico promotes development in rural areas through solar powered electricity systems. The enterprise creates last mile distribution models to deliver affordable technologies and services and provide tools for income generation, community engagement and poverty alleviation. Ilumexico focuses on constant innovation along the entire value chain from R&D all the way to maintenance and follow up development programs.

Value proposition
  • Ilumexico provides affordable and easily adopted solar power access to remote rural customers through last-mile distribution networks and services.
  • These products and services can increase family incomes by 20% and improve overall quality of life.
  • Other providers and installers of solar systems do not follow up or provide long term services, whereas Ilumexico operates several regional hubs and promotes social development programs in the areas where the enterprise operates.

Revenue streams
  • Ilumexico has benefitted from good relationships with the Mexican Government and has received several grants to help promote its programs.
  • Ilumexico has also received a variety of grants from other development organizations and has even won a prize for a major TV competition for social enterprises in Mexico.
  • Ilumexico is focusing more on the sale of its products to generate more revenue in the future, eventually making up over half of the enterprise’s revenue.

Product sourcing and design
  • All of Ilumexico’s products are designed by In-house engineers and specialists.
  • The products are all manufactured in Mexico.
  • Ilumexico engages in a constant revision process for all of its products based on user feedback.

Revenue and affordability
  • Ilumexico began by subsidizing up to half the cost of its programs.
  • Today, most of the users pay the full price of the utility, with only the most disadvantaged and under-resourced customers receiving support.
  • Ilumexico works with microfinance institutions to help its customers pay for the costs of its solar products.