Light up the world

Light Up The World designs and implements rural electrification projects around the world, with a focus on ensuring the long-term sustainability of installations.

Energy products/services
LUTW designs systems based on end user needs. Many systems that LUTW installs in small off-grid homes consist of a 10 Watt solar panel, a 12 volt-12 amp hour maintenance-free lead acid battery, three to four WLED lamps and an output for charging cell phones.
Value proposition
  • LUTW started out as a hardware organization, designing technologies and transferring their skills to local manufacturers in South Asia.
  • Over the years they have started sourcing hardware from others and focusing on designing effective distribution models.
  • One key element is ensuring that technical capacity is transferred to local partners and supply chains developed for parts so when maintenance is required people know what to do.
  • Projects are all donor funded but community contributions are always incorporated to cover maintenance.
  • LUTW facilitates field study programs, which provide key funding partners with a unique perspective on energy in the developing world.

Problem addressed
  • A third of the world’s population (about a billion people) rely on fuel-based lighting.
  • For many, night falls early and the only source of light is in the form of kerosene lamps or wood fires.
  • Many parents work during the day and the only time left for schooling is in the evening.
  • Kerosene and wood fires provide poor lighting and produce noxious fumes.

  • LUTW designs and implements community-based installations of solar home systems with local partner NGOs who can maintain an on-the-ground presence
  • LUTW assesses the the needs and capabilities of the beneficiaries for each project and custom-designs  the project with an emphasis on maximum sustainability.
  • LUTW projects always include knowledge transfer to local technicians who can maintain and repair the systems and build in ongoing fees to cover these costs.
  • LUTW is starting to create regional offices to support its local partners, with the first one opened in Peru in October 2010.