Lumeter Networks, Inc.

Lumeter Networks has created a series of low-cost pre-paid electricity meters and a cloud based accounting platform that is sold to renewable energy providers to help them extend their reach to low-income communities in the developing world.

Energy Products/Services

  • Low-cost pre-paid electricity meters
  • SMS Cloud based accounting platform for energy providers

Value proposition

  • Lumeter Network’s low-cost pre-paid electricity meters and cloud based accounting platform can be used by its partners and integrated into whatever type of energy they are producing as well as their business model, allowing them to reach new off-grid markets and bring electricity to those without it.
  • Lumeter’s products can help to reduce risk of investment for renewable energy partners by offering pay-as-you-go solutions for the end users.
  • This system, similar to the sale of prepaid mobile phone talk time, provides an opportunity for locals to become energy entrepreneurs.


  • The meter consists of a small, tamper-evident box containing electrical components as well as several indicator LEDs and terminals.
  • Power enters the meter from the street before going to devices such as lights. Cell phones can be charged directly from the USB port on the meter itself.
  • Credit codes are entered into the meter from an infrared remote controller.
  • Meters can operate on stand-alone power systems but are most useful when used on a mini-grid, allowing many meters to communicate with each other to combat energy theft and monitor usage.