Vestas Wind Systems A/S has delivered the nacelle of its V236-15.0 MW prototype


Vestas Wind Systems A/S, a renowned Danish wind turbine manufacturer, has delivered the nacelle of its V236-15.0 MW prototype to Østerild National Test Centre situated in Western Jutland, Denmark. This process was initiated in August at the company's plant in Lindo which is located in Odense port. Furthermore, a test program was also conducted for this advancement before shipping it to the testing site. The firm broadcasted on digital media that the nacelle sailed from Port of Odense and arrived at Hanstholm afterwards hauled off to the trial centre where all tower components of the model have already been set up. Moreover, back in October during completion of 115.5-metre (378.9 ft) blade of the prototype in Vestas' Nakskov blade manufacturing unit, Denmark.

A formal announcement was made in February 2021 by Vestas to introduce its 15-MW offshore wind turbine model to the world and they are hoping to commence commercial production of it from 2024 onward.