Nel ASA producing the world's first automated alkaline electrolyser line


Norwegian hydrogen firm Nel ASA (OSE:NEL) is counting on General Motors Co long-standing proficiency with fuel cell propulsion to refine its proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser platform. On Wednesday, Nel Hydrogen US - an arm of the company - inked a joint development agreement with GM, which seeks to facilitate less expensive means of renewable hydrogen production. "We are hopeful that this partnership can give us an edge when it comes to industrialising our PEM electrolysers and further improving their efficiency," remarked CEO Hakon Volldal.

As pioneers in producing the world's first automated alkaline electrolyser line, Nel now looks to industrialise PEM equipment assembly in the same manner. Meanwhile, GM is looking to commercialise its HYDROTEC hydrogen fuel cell and Ultium battery technologies, which could be applied to areas like freight trucking, aerospace, power generation and locomotive industries.

For the development works and IP transfers provided by GM, Nel has committed to compensation payments when due; a licensing fee will also be paid upon successful commercialisation. GM recently met their 2025 renewable energy target for all its US facilities - 25 years ahead of schedule.