Promethean Power Systems

Promethean Power Systems produces advanced cooling units to enable access to sustainable cold chain.

  • Promethean Power Systems has ambitious plans to meet the energy needs of all 3 million people living without energy. The plan, however does not stop there.
  • Promethean Power Systems then plans to expand its energy operations beyond lights and charging stations and into things such as computers, TVs, refrigerators, and other appliances, to give households more than just access to light.
  • Eventually, the organization hopes to develop energy systems that can be used to power health clinics, schools, and other social institutions in the same rural areas where it originally provided simple lighting services.
  • This approach is focused on a deeper more holistic impact for those that the enterprise serves by focusing on one country and one specific segment within the country.

Social impact
  • Customers of Promethean Power Systems save between 18-25% on their energy costs compared to what they were previously spending on other lighting sources such as diesel and candles, as well as the money that these rural customers had to pay to travel to buy these sources.
  • Businesses are able to stay open longer, generating more revenue. Likewise, children are able to study for longer once the sun goes down.
  • Promethean Power Systems estimates that it prevents over 63.4 Tons of CO2 a year from the entering the atmosphere by displacing candles, kerosene, and diesel. Similarly, displacing kerosene reduces health risks for many people.
  • Promethean Power Systems’s business model goes beyond simply providing electricity to those without it. The enterprise focuses on a deeper, longer lasting social impact than other energy providers.
  • During the installation process, Promethean Power Systems conducts a series of workshops for the entire community regardless of whether they are Promethean Power Systems customers or not.
  • The content of these workshops is based on studies conducted previously by Promethean Power Systems in the target area and usually relate to things such as sustainability, the environment, gender equality, developing workforce skills etc.
  • These workshops have resulted in a high adoption rate (99%) of Promethean Power Systems products by the community within a year. They also help to establish the trust that many other energy providers have failed to garner.
  • Regional distribution centers and representatives provide continued service and maintenance for all Promethean Power Systems customers and are a major focus of the enterprise’s growth plan.