Flygt 2125 is cast iron

Product characteristics

When it comes to using materials in severe environments, cast iron is a superior choice. It offers exceptional wear resistance when exposed to corrosive chemicals or sea water conditions, making it idealfor challenging applications. An added advantage ? Explosion proof versions of this material are available, so you can be sure of reliable performance no matter what unique circumstances youre facing. Plus, if you do use cast iron products in the marine environment, zinc anodes can help reduce corrosion risks and keep components working optimally over time.

Product description

The Flygt 2000 family of pumps has been on the market for decades. They have earned their reputation for reliability and versatility with products such as the 2125. The 2125 is rugged and features optimum geometry, with a robust design that can handle just about anything. Xylem has a solution for harsh operating conditions. 2125 is also available in an explosion-proof version