Flygt 2640

Product characteristics

This plug - in seal makes fitting and servicing easy and worry free. Not only that, but its water tight terminal board has been designed to reduce the risk of consequential damage from occurring. Plus, the 2600 series offers interchangeability with hydraulic ends, so you can make alterations quickly when your applications requirements change. And lastly, on this series you will also get high torque vortex hydraulics, in diverse throughput ranges. These hydraulics offer the capability for full performance even when larger particles are present in pumping operations.

Product description

The Flygt 2640 slurry pump stands for reliability combined with innovations that reduce wear and tear on the impeller and seal. Flygt is the kind of pump that will keep working no matter what, even in the harshest conditions. Based on the Flygt 2600 series, these portable pumps efficiently handle demanding slurry and other concentrated fluids without clogging. These compact solids handling pumps feature a chromium vortex impeller which allows large solids and liquids with solids concentrations up to 20% by weight to pass easily through the system. You have high demands on your slurry pumps and dewatering systems. You want to spend as little time as possible on pump maintenance, and we have simplified the maintenance process so that you can get them back in operation as quickly as possible. The Flygt 2640 series slurry pump is equipped with an extra seal for easy maintenance. The Flygt 2600 series pumps have been designed for simplicity and reliability. The 2600 series slurry pumps are designed on the platform of the 2600 series drainage pumps, so they share many common components. That means you dont have to stock a lot of parts. If you learn how to service one pump in the series, you can service all the others.