Flygt 4200 Compact Adaptive Mixer Series

Product description

With the ability to adjust power output based on actual demand, Xylemss Flygt line of adaptive agitators sets a new level of agitation efficiency. The Flygt 4200 Series compact submersible adaptive agitators fundamentally change the concept of wastewater treatment with their ability to fully control the agitation process. And the integrated power electronics, high - efficiency IE4 motor and optimized hydraulics create a unique product and bring the following benefits to the customer: REDUCTION OF ENERGY COSTS BY UP TO 50 % The Flygt 4200 adaptive agitators offer significant energy savings regardless of whether they are controlled locally or from the control room. By adjusting the required power output, they reduce operating costs and increase process efficiency. High stirrer performance even at low speeds helps reduce wear and tear. Automatic motor overload protection minimizes the risk of unscheduled process stoppages.Increase process flexibility with the Flygt 4200 series. Controlled via the operator panel or integrated SCADA system, you can be sure that your agitator will adjust to unexpected and planned changes while maintaining efficiency. The Flygt 4200 series of agitators covers many operating points, so that they can be used for a variety of applications. This reduces the inventory of agitators and their spare parts and reduces repair or replacement costs. Scalable mixing systemBy choosing the Flygt 4200 series standard or adaptive agitators, you can be sure of the highest efficiency in solving your wastewater treatment problems. The standard preset control system includes many important built - in features. Provides energy savings, basic stand - alone protection features, and scalability to an ADF version at a later stage. Easily replaces any standard compact agitator without the need for additional system modifications. Equip your Flygt 4220 or Flygt 4230 agitator for local or remote control of the FPG 415 gateway with analog I / O and industrial network. The ease of connection and integration with the operator panel allows full monitoring functions and ensures optimum operation of the agitator