Flygt 4650

Product characteristics

The Flygt 4650 is an innovative, reliable and cost - effective solutionfor both commercial and residential water pumping applications. It has a rated motor power range of 3. 7 - 6. 2 kW and thrust range of 800 - 1500 N, making it the perfect choicefor tackling powerful jobs with precision and greater energy efficiency than ever before. Furthermore, this product features a compact yet robust direct - drive motor and a non - clogging, fiber handling hydraulics system which ensures that it can handle even the toughest of tasks without clogging or leaking. Additionally, its low - cost installation ensures that this product will save you money in the long runwhile providing top quality performance every time. The Active Seal technology eliminates any leakage issues which also helps to extend operational life and ensures zero downtime. The Flygt 4650 is the ideal solutionfor your water pumping needs - quiet operation and efficient performance guaranteed.

Product description

The components of Flygt compact agitators are designed not onlyfor reliable operation and efficient mixing, but alsofor lower energy costs. The Xylem Flygt short - circuit induction motor meets standards of reliability and durability. The stator winding is jet - filled with rubber and graded H 180 degrees Celsius(355 degrees Fahrenheit), providing excellent resistance to overheating. The optional Flygt seal features an Active Seal system that completely eliminates the chance of leakage into the stator housing. Laser - cut grooves on the inside of the seals act as a micro - pump that pumps any fluid present in the drive back to the buffer fluid side. The hydraulically - assisted seal housing helps lubricate and cool the seal, ensuring efficient heat transfer even when running dry. The impeller blades, designedfor maximum thrust with minimum energy input, allow fibrous material to pass through thanks to their bent back edges and the wide hub deflects the fibrous material. The efficiency of the mixer in water can be increased by 15 % and even more in viscous fluids by using the optional jet ring, which will reduce energy consumption Not only is it sturdy, but also easy to maintain. Flygt compact agitators are typically installed along rigid guide rods at an appropriate depth to ensure optimal mixing efficiency and resistance to fatigue from the highly fluctuating forces inside the tank. Combined with Flygt lifting equipment, guide rod systems provide easy accessfor inspection and maintenance. Lifting and lowering Flygt compact agitators with Flygt lifting equipment is as convenient and easy as it is safe. The CE - approved lifting unit is mounted in the holder with the lower end, allowing the unit to be easily rotated. To reduce the cost of the investment, one lifting unit can be usedfor several agitators. Flygt compact agitators are idealfor the following installations. The Flygt 4650 mixer is the optimal solutionfor mixing or aerating activated sludge in wastewater treatment plants such as conventional activated sludge process(ASP) or sequencing batch reactor(SBR). It also offers outstanding performance in a variety of other applications, including sludge holding tanks, equalization tanks, pump station mixing, grit chamber mixing, chlorination basins, paper pulp chests, quenching tanks and biogas generation tanks. This powerful mixing equipment has been designed to provide reliable operationwhile improving operational efficiency and economy. The high - efficiency impeller design reduces power consumption levels and the risk of blockage due to shearing property. The materials used have a high wear resistance that optimizes service intervals and extends product lifespans. Thanks to its robust construction, the Flygt 4650 mixer is highly resistant to corrosion. Overall, the Flygt 4650 mixer from is an ideal choicefor safe and energy efficient mixing operations both now and in years to come. With its robust construction and advanced technology features, it will ensure optimal performance at all times with reduced energy consumption.