Flygt 4660

Product characteristics

The components of Flygt compact agitators are designed not only for reliable operation and efficient mixing, but also for lower energy costs. The Xylem Flygt short-circuit induction motor meets standards of reliability and durability. The stator winding is jet-filled with rubber and graded H 180 degrees Celsius (355 degrees Fahrenheit), providing excellent resistance to overheating. The optional Flygt seal features an Active Seal system that completely eliminates the chance of leakage into the stator housing. Laser-cut grooves on the inside of the seals act as a micro-pump that pumps any fluid present in the drive back to the buffer fluid side. A hydraulically-assisted seal housing helps lubricate and cool the seal, providing efficient heat transfer even when running dry. Impeller blades, designed for maximum thrust with minimum energy input, allow fibrous material to pass through thanks to the bent back edges, and a wide sleeve deflects the fibrous material.

Product description

Agitator efficiency in water can be increased by 15% and even more in viscous liquids by using the optional jet ring, which will reduce energy consumption. Flygt equipment is robust enough to withstand the weight and reactive forces of the agitator throughout its service life. Not only is it durable, but it is also easy to maintain. Flygt compact agitators are typically installed along rigid guide rods at an appropriate depth to ensure optimal mixing efficiency and resistance to fatigue from highly fluctuating forces within the tank. Combined with Flygt lifting equipment, guide rod systems provide easy access for inspection and maintenance. Lifting and lowering Flygt compact agitators with Flygt lifting equipment is as convenient and easy as it is safe. The CE-approved lifting unit is mounted in the holder with the lower end, allowing the unit to be easily rotated. To reduce the cost of the investment it is possible to use one lifting block for several agitators.