Flygt 4735

Product characteristics

TheFlygt 4735 mixer is the ideal solutionfor various fluid - handling applications. Its rated motor power range of 55 - 63 kW deliver an impressive thrust range of 4200 - 5250 N, making it perfectfor larger industrial liquids. Moreover, its equipped with the innovative Flygt N-pump, an ejector assembly that ensures a safe working environment and remarkably reduces capital expenditures. Accessibility to the inner components of the mixer is also guaranteed through easy access and maintenance features. The Flygt 4735 mixer has been designed as an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial enterprises. It provides superior performance combined with low investment costs and can improve sanitation levels in any liquid handling process. Customers will benefit from lower operating costs due to lower energy usage, longer tool life expectancy and improved mixing efficiency. All these factors make the Flygt 4735 mixer an attractive option that offers outstanding utility value even under difficult conditions.

Product description

Flygt jet agitators combine two innovations from Flygt - the Flygt N technology pump and the ejector assembly - to turn it into a powerful jet agitator that provides long term efficient operation at the lowest possible cost. This extremely versatile, floor-mounted system at low liquid levels and partially filled tanks provides just as effective agitation as a full tank. Unlike standard pumps that handle solids and lose efficiency due to clogs, Flygt N pumps retain pumping efficiency regardless of wastewater composition. Xylem calls this sustained efficiency. This is made possible by the patented self-cleaning N-hydraulics equipped with backward-curved leading edges, an extended discharge groove and an integrated guide pin. The result is maximum uptime, maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance costs. The Flygt N pump is a reliable partner even in the harshest operating conditions. In addition to its exceptional resistance to clogging, the patented N pump technology can handle municipal sludge with a concentration of dry solids up to 8%. Rugged Hard-Iron hydraulics are recommended to handle abrasive particles and will keep the N pump at maximum efficiency. Explosion-proof versions of Flygt N pumps are also available. The carefully designed non-clogging ejector assembly consists of a large outlet spigot and an ejector tube with a specially shaped inlet. The spigot outlet diameter is designed to allow all sizes of solids to pass through the pump. The pump creates the primary flow, which is delivered to the tank through the spigot. When the flow enters the ejector tube, a secondary flow is induced from the surrounding fluid. Easy access to and maintenance of the jet agitator because there are no mechanical moving parts inside the tank. When repairs are needed, technicians can easily access the pump from outside the tank. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the maintenance process, saving both time and money. Furthermore, the risk to the health and safety of workers due to the pathogens in the waste water is reduced to almost zero by mounting the Flygt N pump outside the tank. The jet agitator pump can also be used to load the tank, effectively avoiding the need to buy a separate discharge pump. Flygt jet agitators are ideal for the following installations:Biological treatment process tanksSludge storage and digestersTanks standing on the ground withlimited access on top