Flygt Additional seal

Product characteristics

Single unit assembly with our Active Seal ensures outstanding leakage prevention. Our seal ring design is solid and reliable, made with a blend of materials that are highly durable and resistant to wear. Installation is quick and simple. Plus, selected variants have an integrated cooling pumpfor optimal results. Best of all, we included our proprietary Active Seal technology on some options-something you wont find anywhereelse.

Product description

The special design protects the sensitive seal surfaces and springs from contamination, thus increasing seal reliability and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The Flygt secondary seal has two independent mechanical seals mounted on one ready - to - install unit. The installation procedure itself is simple - just place the additional seal in position without the needfor any special tools. Additional seals with Active Seal technology have laser - cut spiral grooves on the inner seal surface that pump fluid from the inner to the outer diameter of the seal ring, preventing fluid from entering the stator housing. Metal plays an important rolefor Flygt seals. The seal housing is made of aluminum and the bottom of the housing is made of stainless steel. The unique design increases the strength of the seal housing and improves heat transferwhile reducing the risk of melting due to high temperatures. The specially designed seal housing bottom allows the external seal position to be fixed and protects the external stationary seal ring from small movements caused by changes in pressure in the oil station housing. In addition, this design ensures that the external stationary seal ring follows the movements of the rotating external seal ring at all times and minimizes the risk of fluid ingress