Flygt Another Level

Product characteristics

The LI 531 Level Indicator features a large LCD display, making it easy to read on the job site and simplifying the process of installing level sensors. The LTU 301 offers an optimal price - performance ratiofor the PSS marketRobust design and ultrasonic technology make the 003 S levelswitch an ideal solutionfor overflow indicationThe NF 5 levelswitch is well known and offers reliable level entry, making it idealfor filling / emptying installations such as sump pumps

Product description

LTU 301 LTU 301 is a pneumatic analogue level sensor suitablefor the Flygt FGC range, which is used in conjunction with an acoustic alarm system. The pressure in the open alarm system(installed in the sump) is transmitted through a hose upwards to the LTU 301(mounted on the FGC in the pumping station). Inside the LTU301 the sensors and electronics convert the pressure into a 4 - 20 mA signal proportional to the measured level. This is a simple, yet effective and budget - friendly pneumatic level sensorUsed when you need to measure the level in PSS or small pumping stationsLI 531 Flygt LI 531 is primarily a level indicatorfor use in the field to determine the measured level on the LI 531 LCD. LI 531 serves three main purposes: < ol > Easily installs in the field when the sump and control post are far apart, providing a measured level on the display. Functions as a junction box when extra cable length is neededfor a particular installation. This is the preferred option when a common digital display of the measured value is required. Each LI 531 comes with a sticker that has pre - defined and printed values(such as m, mA, V, °F, ft, pH, etc. ). Each "value sticker"can be used to indicate the type of value shown on the display. The "value sticker"is attached to the front of the LI 531 at a predetermined location. < /ol>Characteristics: Digital, easy-to-read 3½" LCD displaySupplied as a complete digital display in an IP65 plastic enclosurePowered by a 4-20 mA current signalInternal calibration to zero and interval with the option to put a decimal pointCalibration and adjustment is performed on the back of the indicatorNo measuring or testing equipment is required when using LI 531NF 5NF 5 is a convenient level switch for filling/emptyinge. g. when starting and stopping the drain pump and alsofor basic Flygt PSS kits(high level indication). Switches on / off at / -45°(relative to horizon line) Comes in different versions, both with and without plugA counterweight may be provided as an accessory003SThe Flygt 003 S levelswitch is a rugged ultrasonic levelswitch, typically used as an overfill sensor. Made of polyphenylene sulfide(PPS) to resist corrosion in contact with most types of liquidMounted in a stainless steel housing(SS316), it functions as a counterweight so that the 003 S hangs directly in a free hanging position on the cableDesignedfor high or low level alerts that are usedfor voltage free contacts or are part of a pump control systemUsedfor noise / interference protectionfor variable speed drivePossibility to branch sensor cable(including any ventilation ducts) to shieldedcontrol outputs from the RTUBuilt - in lightning protection(surge suppressor) Increased protection of the level sensor against moistureFor easy checking of sensor settings with internal LED power controlEasy way to connect a HART modem to the Flygt HART PC kitfor level sensors from LTU701 to LTI 701