Flygt Biboα

Product characteristics

InnovationsThe new generation of sump pumps is based on unique technology. PerformanceExtension of the capacity range beyond the static Q - H pressure characteristic. Reduced wear and tearAbility to adapt to all conditions, avoid air suction and dry running. Reliability and durabilityCompact design is superior to traditional sump pumps.

Product description

Bibo Alpha is a plug and play pump. Thanks to the built - in microprocessor it optimizes the performance by itself. To meet the growing needs of the mining and construction industries to reduce the total cost of pumping water, this pump is exceptionally reliable, compact, durable. And its just as quick and easy to install and set up as a conventional pump. This is the first submersible sump pump that automatically adapts to flow and head characteristics instead of using a static curve. This makes it useful in any application. This new technology brings a new level of flexibility to the system, adapting it to current and future drainage needs. Versatility and efficiencyInnovative technology creates a promising standard of versatility. Biboα will be able to cover a range of characteristics of traditional sump pumps thanks to the integrated intelligent system that allows the speed and performance to be adapted in the field. The rugged design ensures trouble-free pumping during any dewatering operation. Reduction of wear and tear by 70%:speed adaptation to prevent suction and dry running;work in an appropriate direction. Reliable operation thanks to built-in motor protection, including:overcurrent protection;protection against overheating;protection against phase loss and asymmetry;over/under voltage protection;soft start and stop. Improving efficiencyThis compact 8 kW pump with its Q-H characteristic can replace a line of conventional 2 to 10 kW pumps and last four times longer than a traditional dewatering pump. Increasing the efficiency of resource managementReducing inventory through:The number of components is reduced by 30% compared to traditional pumps;reduction in the number of pump sizes due to the wide range of Q-H pressure curves. Reduced life cycle costsIncrease service intervals and reduce maintenance costs by 50%;60% reduction in energy consumption* thanks to operation at the maximum efficiency pointEnhanceddesign Integrated control systemHigh efficiency permanent magnet motorBuilt-in pressure sensorLeak SensorFlowing part (snail)Pump control unit