Flygt BIBO 2840

Product description

The Flygt BIBO 2800 pump manufacturers draw on over 60 years of experience in designing dewatering pumps for the harshest environments around the world to create products that can handle any challenge. Flygt BIBO 2840 pumps are unlike any other pump on the market. The hydraulics of these pumps make them several times more durable than standard dewatering pumps. Our proven hydraulic design expertise has led to the Dura-Spin system. The unique closed impeller and Dura-Spin grooved suction cover work together to repel abrasive particles from the center of the impeller. The exclusive design is another reason why the Flygt BIBO 2800 series pumps are able to deliver proper performance day in and day out. Speaking of classic BIBO design, we mean a set of features that ensure reliable pump performance. The wide base and outlet on the cooling jacket side of the pump give BIBO 2840 stability. There is easy access at the top to the terminal board and the handle that is used to hang the pump. You have high demands on your sump pumps and dewatering systems. You want to spend as little time as possible on pump maintenance. In turn, we have simplified their maintenance process, so that you can get them back in operation as soon as possible. The Flygt BIBO 2840 pump has a number of clever features that make maintenance easy - such as a standard extra seal. The BIBO 2800 slurry pumps are designed on the platform of the 2800 series drainage pumps, so they share many common components. This means you dont have to stock a lot of parts. If you learn how to service one pump in the series, you can service all the others.