Flygt Biogas Support System BIS-1

Product characteristics

Xylems innovative biogas mixer offers a combination of features designed to increase efficiency and reduce installation costs. Its patented guide bar connection ensures secure, durable supportwhile the intermediate support feature allows mixers to easily pass over an intermediate wall bracket without obstruction. The quick and easy adjustability also means maintenance can be carried out quickly with minimal system downtime. Moreover, these corrosion - resistant components have been engineeredfor up to 5 years of reliable operation in demanding environments - helping you save time and money long term.

Product description

Flygt submersible mixers installed on BIS - 1 biogas systems create a complex mixing systemfor biogas methanators, ensuring optimal performance and safely maximizing gas output with minimal time investment in installation and maintenance. The Flygt BIS - 1 Biogas Support System was designed to support critical functions that optimize the operation of a biogas hydrolysis process, including being able to move the mixer up or down along its guide bar without opening the digester roof or hatch;rotate it 45 degrees in horizontal planewhile avoiding clearance issues when removing from inside tank;as well as as simply lift out completely.