Flygt BS 2720

Product characteristics

Engineered with a combination of 316 stainless steel and nitrile rubber on wear parts, this design is highly flexible in its application capabilities. Tough enough to manage pH variations between 2 - 10 and resistant to corrosion, this reliable model allows system modifications quickly and efficiently. Its robust modular design safeguards against shortfalls in system processes, furthering the durability of this build.

Product description

The Flygt BS 2720 is an electric, submersible, corrosion - resistant dewatering pump designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions and pump corrosive and / or abrasive fluids in mines, industries and utilities, among others. The Flygt 2700 Series handles flows over 1, 800 gpm(50 l / s) and heads up to 200 feet(65 m). Power ranges from 3 to 13 hp(2 to 8 kW). These drainage pumps are made of 316 stainless steel and can handle the most problematic media and unpredictable range of pH levels. .