Flygt C 3045

Product characteristics

The motor design is tailored to submersible applications with a short shaft overhang minimizing deflection and lengthening seal and bearing life. A martensitic stainless steel shaft provides maximum strength, even in corrosive environments, while optimized cooling of the stator core helps maximize performance. The double mechanical seals provide two layers of security depending on pumped media - one set being either tungsten carbide or silicone carbide. Additionally, the Griplock ensures secure locking without causing any friction damage to the shaft via rubber parts or grub screws for extra resilience against abrasion during operation; further reinforced by SUBCAB cable technology developed especially for such use cases.

Product description

Over the years the classic C-class pump has proven itself as a reliable and robust product. Flygt C pumps are represented by an extensive product range designed to handle different types of media. The C 3045 is equipped with a closed single-bladed impeller. It has excellent flow-through properties that prevent clogging in the impeller channel. The narrow gap between the interchangeable wear rings ensures high efficiency.