Flygt C 3126

Product characteristics

Improve throughput and performance of electrical systems with motors that have remarkable power density. Our advanced motors are designed for dependable performance and boast outstanding corrosion resistance, vital for long life. Our products not only function at high efficiency levels but also display exemplary flow passing properties. With the most robust and reliable motor body available, your needs are met even under the most demanding conditions.

Product description

Flygt C 3126 easily transports corrosive media in municipal sewers as well as industrial wastewater in the following industrial sectors. The Flygt C 3126 stainless steel pump is made of AISI 329 material and is characterized by maximum reliability. It is equipped with a single-bladed impeller with excellent flow-through properties, which prevent clogging in the impeller channel. The narrow gap between the interchangeable wear rings ensures high efficiency. For efficient material handling, this pump system features a short shaft overhang to minimize deflection and secure seal/bearing life. When submerged in liquids of pH-values between 2 and 14, the duplex stainless steel provides maximum strength for corrosive resistance. The motor is specifically designed for submersion use with concentrated heat at the stator core that facilitates cooling properties; cast iron construction ensures robustness while double mechanical seals offer dual security against corrosion through their silicone carbide (SiC) design. For wastewater applications, the SUBCAB cable offers superior insulation protection.