Flygt C 3127

Product characteristics

Unique sewage pump with N - technologyConsistently high efficiency and energy savings of up to 25 % Flexible modular designHigh reliability

Product description

The Flygt N series pumps successfully handle the most demanding wastewater pumping tasks, including the pumping of fibrous solids. The pump design ensures consistently high efficiency ratings. Thanks to the patented N - technology with its innovative self - cleaning impeller, the Flygt N - series pumps have the highest efficiency in their class, significantly reducing energy costs and unplanned maintenance. For the user it guarantees peace of mind and great savings over the long term. The pump is designed so that most of the solids that enter the pump will pass through the impeller between its vanes. Any debris that enters the front edge of the impeller passes along the bent back edge to the inlet perimeter and does not clog the impeller. Thanks to its mechanical self - cleaning design, the pump can pump liquids with a sludge content of up to 8 % . The Flygt N series self - cleaning pump has innovative features and is an excellent choicefor a variety of applications. The modular design of the hydraulics allows it to be adapted to the required tasks. Replaceable wear ring in two materials: gray cast iron or Hard IronTM high chromium cast iron, depending on operating conditionsImpeller made of high - strength gray cast ironfor conventional wastewaterHard IronTM high chromium cast iron impellerfor abrasive and highly corrosive environments. Possibility of modification with a cutting insertfor cutting long fibers or hard materials in sewage drains. Stainless steel impellerfor special applications requiring duplex stainless steel. The slight offset of the shaft reduces shaft deflection and increases seal and bearing life. The motor is designed specificallyfor submersible installation. Heat is concentrated in the stator corefor improved cooling properties. Flygt Plug - in Seals with Active Seal eliminate the risk of incorrect installation and careless operation. Tungsten Carbide(WCCR) or Silicon Carbide(SiC) materials are available depending on the application. The SUBCAB motor cable is specifically designedfor submersible applications. Flexible choice of cooling system: closed cooling system, media cooling or external cooling. For semi - permanent submersible installation. The pump is installed with two guide rods on the pressure connection. Semi - permanent self - contained unit. Portable version with tube or hose connection. Vertical stationary dry - compartment or in -line installation with flanged connectionsfor suction and discharge piping. Horizontal stationary installation in a dry compartment or in -line installation with flanged connectionsfor suction and discharge piping