Flygt C 3351

Product characteristics

High efficiency motors have excellent flow passing properties, granting them high power density. These motors dont just give you more bang for your buck-they are also robust and reliable, delivering sustained performance consistently. With effectiveness mixed with reliability, greater peace of mind and cost savings become achievable.

Product description

Classic C-class pumps with closed impeller have a proven track record and are designed to handle a variety of media. The three-channel C 3351 impeller is made of cast iron or duplex stainless steel with excellent flow properties that prevent clogging in the impeller channel. The narrow gap between the interchangeable wear rings ensures high efficiency. Submersible motors from our company are designed to maximize seal and bearing life, with an optimized short shaft overhang providing reduced deflection. The use of heat concentrated stator cores further improves the system cooling capabilities. Strength and corrosion resistance is also improved via Martensitic stainless steel or optional Duplex stainless steel shafts depending on your requirements. An additional safety layer is provided by two sets of independent mechanical seals available in either Tungsten Carbide(WCCR) or Silicone carbide(SiC). Andfor easy connection accessories, we offer a specially developed SUBCAB cable specifically suited to submersion conditions.