Flygt Components with N Technology

Product characteristics

Experience maximum efficiency with our robust and reliable condensate pumps. They offer a smooth and uninterrupted operation, resulting in reduced wear. Moreover, since they are designedfor minimal maintenance requirements and can handle high concentrations of liquefied sludge up to 4 % of dry solids, the cost of pump ownership is kept to a minimum. With our cutting edge pumps installed at efficient industrial locations all around the world, your production pipeline continues to operate seamlessly.

Product description

The use of FLYGT N - Technology components allows continuous clog - free wastewater pumping under the toughest operating conditions through the use of high - strength materials and a self - cleaning impeller. Adaptive N - Hydraulics further enhances the pumps energy efficiency and resistance to clogging due to the unique axial movement of the adaptive N-wheel impeller. Competitively priced N-hydraulic upgrade kits are also available to easily convert the pump to N-technology