Flygt D 3045

Product characteristics

The Flygt D 3045 is a highly robust and reliable pump that is idealfor wastewater applications. It offers a free flow - through passage and requires low maintenance, making it an excellent choicefor those looking to minimize downtime. Additionally, the device can handle sludge concentration up to 4 % of dry solids - an capability that saves money by preventing clogging in the system. The Flygt D 3045 provides superior wear protection which increases equipment life, further helping to save operational costs. This piece of engineering has been designed without any tradeoffs, offering customers with an outstanding combination of high performance and maximum value.

Product description

The Flygt vortex pump D 3045 is characterized by high reliability. The impeller does not need to be adjusted and runs freely in the volute casing ensuring free passage of solids and liquids. This completely eliminates the risk of clogging and poor performance caused by improper setting and wear of the impeller. Flygt D 3045 is designedfor demanding media and easily transports domestic and industrial wastewater as well as other media. The vortex design reduces radial stress on the impeller and shaft, allowing the pump to operatefor long periods at low flow rates as well as at head levels at zero flow without damage, while requiring no maintenance. All components are designed and manufactured to optimize operation and extend the life of the pump.