Flygt D 3068

Product characteristics

Experience maximum efficiency with our robust and reliable condensate pumps. They offer a smooth and uninterrupted operation, resulting in reduced wear. Moreover, since they are designedfor minimal maintenance requirements and can handle high concentrations of liquefied sludge up to 4 % of dry solids, the cost of pump ownership is kept to a minimum. With our cutting edge pumps installed at efficient industrial locations all around the world, your production pipeline continus to operate seamlessly.

Product description

The Flygt D 3068 is engineeredfor maximum reliability and convenience. Its innovative vortex design features an impeller that operates freely in the volute, eliminating the risk of clogging and low performance due to wear or faulty adjustment. It efficiently transports media such as municipal sewage, industrial wastewater and more without compromising durability - thanks to its reduced radial forces on both the shafts & impellers allowing operation even near shut - off head over long periods with no damage or maintenance required. All components are specially designed & manufactured ensuring optimal pump service life when it comes timefor operation.