Flygt Dry Pump Installation

Product description

Safe and smart solutions ensure reliable and efficient installationEvery pumping station has different requirements, so flexible solutions are the key to supporting a wide range of different installation scenarios. Flygt engineering and a wide range of advanced designs provide the best conditions for optimum pumping tasks. Our safe and smart solutions ensure a reliable and efficient installation that saves time and money. Moreover, Flygt dry-installed submersible pumps are equipped with flood-proof electric motors, preventing downtime of the equipment. If the pump station floods, the pump will continue to work. Vertical dry installationThe Flygt vertical dry pump installation is a quick and easy solution that does not require much time. The clever design provides the flexibility to adapt the solution to any conditions, resulting in significant savings in time and money. Quick installationDue to the fact that the Flygt vertical dry plant uses only five components, it is quick and easy to perform. Compared to concrete solutions, this type of installation saves up to 75% of time. Rugged constructionSpecial cast-iron construction gives the unit the stability needed to prevent vibration, and minimizes wear and noise on the systemFlexible designThe unique height-adjustable design adapts to different pipe positions and allows the outlet flange to rotate 360 degrees, ensuring perfect adaptability to the existing suction flange. Horizontal dry installationWith the Flygt horizontal dry installation, impeller inspection becomes a quick, convenient and safe procedure. Up to 90% of the inspection time is saved by not having to remove the motor from the pump to access the impeller. A specially designed service solution with a balanced hoist provides safe engine and impeller handling and greatly simplifies service and maintenance. Safe workThe drive unit can be easily rolled back with the service cart/skids, keeping it in complete alignment with the hydraulic part. For high-capacity pumps (100-800 kW), the skids are equipped with a hydraulic drive controlled by a hand pump to guarantee safe operation. Ease of access. Ease of usePatented intake service solutions, telescopic for intakes smaller than 350 mm and swivelable for larger sizes, provide easy access to the intake side of the pump, simplifying access to the impeller and eliminating the need to disassemble the entire pump. Improved working conditionsFlygt dry-installed submersible pumps are equipped with flood-proof motors, allowing the pump to operate even when the pumping station is flooded. For low and medium capacity pumps (2-100 kW) a drain valve is also available to make sure that the pump casing is empty before starting operation, a simple innovation that contributes to better working conditions and simplifies the work process