Flygt F 3068

Product characteristics

The Flygt F 3068 is an innovative pumping solution that is designed to handle tough solids with ease. This pump features excellent flow-passing properties, enabling it to smoothly move liquids, slurries and other high-viscosity materials that may not necessarily be considered solids, with peak efficiency. Additionally, due to its motors with high power density, users can be assured of robust and reliable performance even in the most challenging applications. The design also helps conserve energy while keeping noise levels low; a great benefit for industrial settings as well as as residential environments. All in all, the Flygt F 3068 offers a comprehensive and effective pumping solution that meets the needs of any complex application. Therefore, it is easy to see why this pump is a great choice for anyone looking for an optimal pumping experience.

Product description

Xylems Flygt F 3068 chopper pump is the ideal solutionfor pumping liquid manure with long - fiber components, offering maximum operating reliability and reduced interruptions. Thanks to a powerful impeller design and short shaft overhang, this specialized pump offers greater output quantity at higher pressure heads than comparable models on the market today. Boasting an advanced motor designed specificallyfor submersible use as well as as martensitic stainless steel core construction - providing superior strengthwhile resisting corrosion - its easy to see why Xylem remains dedicated to delivering consistently dependable solutions you can count on.