Flygt H 5150

Product characteristics

Introducing the Flygt H 5150, an efficient motor that packs a powerful punch. With easy installation and high power density, it is the perfect choicefor those who seek reliable performance. The robust design ensures optimal uptime and reduces maintenance needs over time, making it a cost - effective selection. Thanks to its reliable operation, customers can rest assured they wont sacrifice quality in order to save money. Whether you need something for residential use or large-scale industrial applications, the Flygt H 5150 is up to the task. A motoring solution like no other

Product description

Slurry pumps can be a source of serious problems. The pumps are operated in heavy duty applications and require additional maintenance during service intervals. In addition, the sump gradually fills with sludge. Cantilever pumps are often inadequate for the task at hand. We know this for a fact, because this is when users contact Xylem: When an installed slurry pump fails to do its job. The Flygt 5000 series slurry pumps will save you from these problems. With a scheduled maintenance schedule, Flygt pumps can handle even the largest and most difficult slurries without clogging the sump with solids. As one plant engineer says, "They just work. "