Flygt H 5520

Product characteristics

Introducing the Flygt H 5520, a revolutionary pump designed to handle the toughest slurry applications. Featuring hard - iron wear parts such as an impeller and full replaceable casing liner, this pump is designed to last - no matter how demanding your application may be. The integrated adjustable hard - iron wear ring ensures maximum efficiency throughout the entire lifetime of the pump. The split pump casing of this flygt model allowsfor easy wet end access and maintenance, while the extra heavy duty mechanical seal is designedfor highly abrasive conditions. Additionally, a high efficiency, closed impeller of the same wear - resistant material ensures optimum performance in pressure boosting applications that other pumps cannot handle. Trust in the Flygt H 5520for reliable pumping performance and true peace of mind from knowing your investment is safeguarded. This industrial grade pump stands apart from its competition; offering unparallel durability, versatility and longevity - its truly built for tough jobs.

Product description

The 5500 series submersible pumps are designed for applications involving rapid product wear. The flow path is fully protected by wear-resistant material. These pumps offer perhaps the most reliable slurry system available. The seal is reinforced and protected against penetration of solids by a pressurized isolation chamber and an ejector that repels penetrating inclusions from the seal