Flygt H 5570

Product characteristics

The Flygt H 5570 is an innovative pump designed to provide superior performance in tough applications. It features great power capabilities, capable of high heads and a big flow rate. To ensure maximum durability in demanding conditions, the pump has hard-iron wear parts, including the impeller and a full replaceable casing liner. Additionally, the closed impellers are made from the same wear-resistant material for superior energy efficiency. The adjustable hard-iron wear ring provides further reliability in abrasive conditions, while the split pump casing facilitates easy access to the wet end for quick servicing and repair. Moreover, a special extra heavy duty mechanical seal has been designed for slurry applications to keep downtime to a minimum. Overall, with its robust design and cutting-edge technology, the Flygt H 5570 is an outstanding choice for reliable operations in challenging environments.

Product description

The 5500 series submersible pumps are designed for applications involving rapid product wear. The fluid side is fully protected by wear-resistant material. These pumps offer the most reliable slurry system available. The seal is reinforced and protected against the ingress of solids by a pressurized isolation chamberIf you combine Flygt Great & Grays large drive units with the famous liquid side of the 5500 series submersible slurry pumps, the result is a Great slurry pump. The Flygt H 5570 is capable of pumping large quantities of solids over long distances and at high heads. .