Flygt hydro ejector 4715

Product characteristics

Introducing the Flygt 4715 - an intelligent, non - clogging wastewater solution that can handle all your fluids needs. Designed to remove and mix solids initially present in the wastewater, this unique machine features a rated motor power range of 4. 7 - 5. 5 kW and a thrust range of 580 - 690 N. With such high power and maximum thrust, you can be sure that even the toughest Wastewater job will be handled swiftly and efficiently, so you get the desired end results with less effort. The Flygt 4715 is designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliable operationfor years without any mechanical obstacles to impede performance, thanks to its advanced non - clogging technology which prevents the accumulation of debris or sediment build - up in the pump chamber. With this feature, no waste is left behind, allowing continuous operations at peak performance levels with minimal maintenance costs. This powerful piece of equipment also features advanced mixing and flushing capabilities. The Flygt 4715 will quickly mix all incoming flows togetherwhile simultaneously removing suspended solids from the wastewater with its efficient cleaning process, saving time, money and resources over long periods of use. For reliable solids removal, mixing and flushing solutions in wastewater treatment applications, look no further than the Flygt 4715.

Product description

Flygt Hydrojetters perform two different operations depending on the water level. Firstly, when the hydroejector is immersed in the liquid, it operates as an agitator using primary and secondary water flow. Secondly, when the water level is low and the nozzle is not immersed in the liquid, the hydroejector automatically turns into a flushing device. The water entering the storage tank often contains sedimentary solids, which leads to an unpleasant odor and toxic gases. At the same time, organic matter accumulates, causing the needfor manual cleaning. With the Flygt hydraulic ejector it is easy to remove solids when emptying the storage tank, thus eliminating the needfor manual cleaning. Flygt hydraulic ejectors with high thrust are designedfor use in almost any size and shape of storage tank, sump and even low liquid system. Clogging is always a potential problem where there are solids in the stored water. Flygt hydraulic ejectors are therefore equipped with self - cleaning, sustainably efficient N - hydraulics and have a large diameter spigot to eliminate the risk of clogging