Flygt L 3201

Product characteristics

The Flygt L 3201 is designed to deliver reliable and efficient powerfor a variety of commercial applications. Thanks to its easy installation, it can be installed in tight spaces and low - headroom environments with minimal effort. Its motors feature a high power density that allowsfor the greatest performance possible in order to meet all the necessary requirementsfor your business. Plus, its robust and reliable hardware ensures that it is built to last, no matter what strength or conditions you may encounter. With the Flygt L 3201 you can rest assured that your power needs will be met with precision and reliability.

Product description

L 3201 is a diagonal pump, which is mounted in a column with a diameter of 800 mm. This type of pump is designedfor high flow and head values in excess of those of propeller pumps. Diagonal pumps are used in the transition zone between centrifugal and propeller pumps. Constructed with a short shaft overhang, stainless steel and robust cast iron components ensure maximum strength and durability. Additionally, the motor is designed specificallyfor aquatic use - heat concentration improves cooling abilitieswhile its two - tiered mechanical seal system provides double security in Tungsten Carbide(WCCR). The included SUBCAB cable was specially developed to withstand harsh wastewater environments.