Flygt LSU100

Product characteristics

Handles extreme fluid temperatures as well as fluids with high dirt content because it is mounted above the fluid level Wide operating temperature range ensures suitability for a wide range of applicationsHigh accuracy provides reliable level entry for pump controlATEX and FM/CSA certifications for broader compliance with design specifications

Product description

The ultrasonic level sensor Flygt LSU 100 is designed to be installed above the liquid level and to measure the distance to the liquid surface. If you enter vessel, sump or open channel data into the sensor, it will calculate the level, content or flow rate and will emit a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the nearest variable. The LSU 100 is a two-wire sensor that connects to any suitable DC source with a factory cable. The Flygt control unit range is designed to be used with the LSU 100 sensor in a similar way. You can install the LSU 100 sensor in a hazardous area provided it is powered from a protected source