Flygt LTU 403

Product description

High performance specifications, 0. 35 % in accuracy, temperature -20 °C to 80 °C, power supply range 6-27 VDCBuilt-in convenient auto-zero function to eliminate zero shift problem (e. g. : due to cleaning, coating or mechanical damage to the diaphragm). The compact design is also suitable for small-diameter pipes in deep wells in the mining industry, where narrow sections often have to be dealt withBudget 4-20 mA and quality multi-output versions4-20 mA and ModBus output in one unit (2 parts nrs). A range of standard ranges and cable lengthsSpecial versions can be delivered on request for any model ranging from 0-0. 5 m to 0-400 m, complete with 1000 m Kevlar-reinforced cable. Electromagnetic protection and thin cable suitable for e. g. SmartRUN variable speed driveSoft cable improves direct/vertical suspension capabilitiesExcellent value for money