Flygt M 3069

Product description

The Flygt pump with shredding hydraulics M 3069 is a highly efficient, submersible pump. It provides uninterrupted wastewater pumping and is suitablefor use in residential and commercial construction as well as the agricultural industry. The Flygt pump with shredding hydraulics turns the pumped medium into a fine slurry, which is then pumped seamlessly through small diameter pipes. The main applicationfor Flygt M 3069 pumps is pressurized sewage systems, which are usually used when the landscape or high groundwater levels do not allow the use of traditional gravity sewage systems. If a high head(up to 70 m) is required, we offer a pump with shredding hydraulics with progressive cavitation. Xylem offers individual pumps, complete pumping stations or even a complete sewage system - an intelligent and economical solutionfor pumping wastewater to the nearest sewage station or main sewer system. The Flygt M 3069 pump is designed to cope with all kinds of sewage problems. It is equipped with a unique impellerfor optimum hydraulic efficiency and a powerful macerator that crushes solid particles into 5× 15 mm particles, ensuring the subsequent trouble - free transport of wastewater through small - diameter pipes. All components are designed and manufactured to last and extend the life of the pump. - Double mechanical seal system. Two sets of mechanical shaft seals operate independently, providing double protection. Tungsten carbide(WCCR) or silicon carbide(SiC) versions are available, depending on the pumped medium. - Made of robust and durable cast iron - has a Spin - out design that protects the seals from abrasive particles - SUBCAB cable is designed specificallyfor submersible pumpsFor semi - permanent submersible installation. The pump is mounted on the two guides on the pressure connection. Semi - permanent installation in free - standing position. Moveable version with pipe connection or hose connection. Semi - permanent installation in a suspended position to ensure quick connection.