Flygt MagFlux Flowmeter

Product description

Flow rate is a major factor in the performance of conventional and waste water treatment systems. Measurements are entered into the pump control system along with indicatorsfor faults or excessive wear on pump parts. Easy to install and operate, the MagFlux from Flygt offers the perfect solutionfor measuring flow in your pipes. Installed in more than 6, 000 systems worldwide and designed to integrate seamlessly into the Flygt line of pumps and controls, the MagFlux provides a reliable way to know whats happening in your pipes and allows you to control your pump station. MagFlux electromagnetic flow meters combine high accuracy, stability and low maintenance requirements, delivering linear performance for a wide range of piping systems. With no moving parts, a single-way flow sensor, and self-cleaning electrodes, the need for maintenance is virtually nil. To install, simply know the diameters of three upstream pipes and two downstream pipes - then you get the advertised accuracy. Once installed, you can choose forward or reverse flow direction thanks to bi-directional sensors. Flexible installation options, best-in-class data logging and networking, and comprehensive flow control and packet monitoring make the MagFlux a reliable flow meter capable of handling tomorrows pumping challenges