Flygt Mechanical Griploc

Product description

The robust and non-clogging design of Griploc mechanical mechanical face seals ensures consistent performance and long trouble-free operation. The patented Griploc seal design reliably locks the seal without damaging the shaft. The seal rings to lock out solids remain flat and prevent leakage. Superior leakage prevention, perfect component interaction and highly resistant materials such as Viton O-rings and robust O-rings in a unique tungsten carbide design ensure high performance and reliable operation. The O-rings are made of aluminum oxide or reactive silicon carbide. In addition, the Active Seal technology integrated in individual Griploc seals acts as a micro-pump to prevent fluid leakage into the motor housing. Griploc seals are used both inside and outside. Placed on the inside, the seals prevent fluid leakage into the engine housing. Placed outside, the seals prevent fluid leakage into the buffer chamber. Griploc mechanical face seals are available for Flygt series 2071 to 2201 dewatering pumps. Griploc seals can also be used on select older Flygt dewatering pump models that are no longer in production. Ask your Xylem specialist for more information on applications. Griploc seals are easy to install in a Flygt pump without the need for any special tools. All you need is a simple screwdriver and the mounting tool that comes with each seal. There is only one easy and quick way to mount a Griploc seal: The universal design makes it easy and correct to mount the seal because the same mounting procedure is used for all models of Griploc.