Flygt mixer 4840

Product characteristics

The Flygt 4840 mixer is the ideal choice for achieving efficient and reliable mixing performance. Its electric power range of 0. 75 - 4. 6 kW, combined with a maximum thrust of ~4, 500 N make it well-suited to handle jobs that require higher power outputs. The sturdy construction provides high reliability and durability, while its outstanding impeller design creates powerful and effective mixing without sacrificing efficiency. Furthermore, the design flexibility of the Flygt 4840 ensures that it can be adapted to fit any requirements that your application may have. With this mixer in place, you can be sure to achieve satisfactory levels of mixing performance with outstanding results.

Product description

Every detail of Flygt agitators is designed to withstand tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation. Parallel shaft geared motors combined with a rigid drive shaft and specially designed impellers guarantee long-lasting operation. Whether you choose the standard three-bladed Flygt impellers or the proven non-clogging Flygt with curved blades, the result is exceptional thrust and high mass flow along with excellent energy efficiency. Xylems proprietary yellow bent - back Flygt blades offer the advantage of self - cleaningfor clog - free operation even with fibrous materials. Xylems Flygt line of agitators includes four reliable Flygt models that can be customized to meet your specific application needs. Based on mixing requirements, Xylem can recommend the appropriate configuration by determining impeller type, number, size, shaft and location.