Flygt Molded FSI Intake

Product characteristics

Provides optimum flow to the vane pumpFor pumping stations with difficult flow conditionsMinimum pallet dimensionsFor mission-critical tasks and continuous operation

Product description

Vane pumps require a well controlled water inlet so that they can achieve high performance and efficiency. Flygt FSI is an inlet device which ensures optimum flow to the vane pump by gradually accelerating and redirecting the flow to the pump inlet. Its main task is to adjust the approaching flow to a homogeneous condition without forming whirls. The patented bell-mouth inlet significantly reduces flow separation at the inlet in the radial direction. Ideal applications for Flygt FSI:For stations with unfavorable flow conditionsFor limited space dedicated to the pumping stationIf the inlet is perpendicular or beveledFor critical conditions and continuous operationThe FSI allows the use of pump trays with minimum dimensions. For more information see Flygt Design and Experience. FSI is mounted under the header pipe of the Flygt PL submersible vane pump. The Flygt FSI is made of steel and is available in sizes suitable for all Flygt PL vane pumps. It can be connected to the header pipe with flanges or a sliding connection, depending on the support structure arrangement in the pump station.