Flygt N 3315

Product characteristics

Introducing the state-of-the-art wastewater pump with groundbreaking N-technology. Designed to provide incredible efficiency, this choice offers energy savings up to 25%; youll reap the rewards of its flexible appeal and modular options. Never worry again - its robust construction ensures reliable solutions every time.

Product description

The Flygt N series pumps successfully perform theirfunction in the toughest working conditions. Each component is designed and manufactured to ensure consistently high efficiency. Thanks to the patented N - technology with its innovative self - cleaning impeller, the Flygt N - series pumps have the highest overall efficiency. They reduce your energy bills and unplanned maintenance costs. For the user, this means peace of mind and big savings over the long term. Most solid objects entering the pump will pass through the impeller between its blades. If an object lingers on the leading edge of one of the vanes, it will slide along the curved back edge to the inlet perimeter. Thanks to the mechanical self - cleaning design, liquids with up to 8 % sludge content can be pumped. This self - cleaning pump has innovative features and is therefore an excellent choicefor a variety of applications. The modular design of the hydraulics allows it to be adapted to almost any application. Our advanced wear ring range offers a reliable solutionfor any wastewater application, with two materials available - gray iron and Hard Iron - to accommodate different operating conditions. The hardened gray iron impeller is ideally suitedfor typical wastewater applicationswhile the Hard Iron provides effective protection in abrasive and corrosive conditions. An additional chopper ring has been designed specifically to tackle tough sewage scenarios where cutting of long fibers or solids is necessary. For special requirements that need duplex stainless steel components, our stainless steel impellers are perfect;plus we boast an impressive short shaft overhang that reduces deflection as well as extending seal & bearing life. In combination with a motor tailored to submersible use harnessing concentrated heat at its stator core ensures improved cooling performance throughout operation time frames. Additionally this system incorporates Plug - in Seal technology combined with Active SealTM protocol offering reduced risk from incorrect handling too - all made possible within one unit featuring your choice between wccr Tungsten carbide or Silic material types.