Flygt Pump D 8050 with vortex impeller

Product description

Flygt D 8050 is designedfor pumping highly corrosive media in municipal sewage, as well as various industries: ChemicalFoodPharmacologicalTextile and otherThe Flygt D 8050 pump is made of stainless steel AISI 316 and is highly reliable. The pump impeller requires no further adjustment and allows free passage of solids and liquids. There is no risk of clogging and reduced performance. Suitablefor pumping liquids with pH values from 2 to 14 Double mechanical seal system. Two sets of mechanical shaft seals operate independently of each other to provide double safety. Depending on the pumped medium they can be made of tungsten carbide(WCCR) or silicon carbide(SiC). The SUBCAB motor cable is specifically designedfor submersible applications. For semi - permanent submersible installation. The pump is installed with two guide rods on the pressure connection. Semi - stationary self - contained unit. Portable version with tube or hose connection