Flygt Pump Monitoring System MAS 801

Product characteristics

Current, temperature, leakage, and vibration alarms to minimize unplanned outages10 different warning parameters identify normal wear and tear7 to 15 color HMI touch screen allows up to 10 pumps to be monitored simultaneouslyReal-time access to pump information for easy monitoring, an excellent overview of plant conditions, and remote analysis from any device, such as a tablet or phoneShielded and twisted-pair SUBCAB cable instead of a separate signal cableFactory settings in pump memory and pump ID that simplify installation and maintenanceLarge-scale logging of black box alarm incidentsConnection to SCADA, openness and remote communicationRoot cause analysis helps troubleshooting for faster system restart

Product description

Designed to further enhance the outstanding reliability of Flygt pumps, the MAS 801 monitors pump data 24/7, performing continuous station health checks to detect malfunctions before they cause damage. MAS helps reduce lifecycle costs across the entire Flygt pumping system. By receiving alerts on deviations from the triaxial vibration sensor, current sensor and leak sensors, the operator can take proactive action in a timely manner. The data recorded by the black box is correlated to thresholds, providing a unique fault-tracking function. Power and control cores are combined in a single cable, and a pre-configured pump memory with factory-set alarms and individual pump data simplifies start-up and maintenance. The MAS 801 measures, logs and monitors various indicators, which can be output as a graph or exported:Standard monitoring indicatorsMotor temperatureMain bearing temperatureMonitoring of leaks in the stator housing and terminal boxPump current in one phaseThree-axis vibration sensorOperating time and number of startsOptional monitoring indicatorsEngine temperature in three phasesSupport bearing temperatureDetecting water in oilOptional power analyzerPump current in three phasesCurrent imbalanceVoltage in the three phasesVoltage imbalancePower FactorPowerEnergy (kWh)The Flygt MAS 801 is suitable for the 3000, 5000 and 7000 series pumps